Our Approach

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At Abundiant, every client relationship starts with conversations. Conversations in which we listen intently and ask clarifying questions. We understand that some projects begin with clearly defined outcomes, timetables, and parameters—while others start with just a kernel of an idea about a possible change, a way to overcome a problem, or a new opportunity. We collaborate to reveal the business value of the transformation. Sometimes this results in a clearly articulated business case; sometimes it’s an informal list of goals. Once we and our clients are on the same page about what we aim to achieve, then we get started.

Right Size, Right Style

The coordination and pace of our work are completely determined by our client’s needs. For clients who need clearly structured deliverables, we can provide impact assessments, design documents (conceptual, detailed, or technical), data models, process flows, wireframe models, change management plans, or other supporting elements. For clients who want to jump in and start attacking their challenges right away, we can do that, too, with an iterative build and review approach. Either way, we also bring our own discipline and experience to bear, pausing periodically to test our assumptions and those of our clients. We collaborate, explore ideas, consider alternatives, and monitor progress.

Abundiant’s team members can work onsite or offsite, well integrated into a client’s culture if desired, or as an independent third party if that is preferred. We have worked alongside every conceivable variant of business unit and corporate department, and we understand that different work models have their place. We also adapt our project management approach according to the client’s requirements and the nature of the project. We realize that some work is well suited for gated, waterfall and other kinds of sequential planning. Other times, goals are better met with iterative prototyping and development to provide clients with frequent, tangible deliverables so they can work with them and refine their ideals for a final product or outcome. In every case, we take pride in meeting our clients’ needs and expectations and staying aligned with them as work progresses.



Enabling Positive Change

Our build approach includes testing and re-testing not only for usability, but also for endurance and technical, functional, and informational capabilities. Not only does this lead us to a successful set of outcomes, but where appropriate it can also be leveraged to engage stakeholders and foster an understanding of why they should care, where they fit in, what is expected, and what to do. Enabling stakeholders to see how a solution meets their needs empowers them to bring their peers and others along through the process of acceptance to embrace new ways of working. Testing doesn’t always have to dovetail with change management, but when appropriate it can provide a tangible benefit for adults, who tend to learn and accept new things better by “doing” rather than watching, listening, or reading.

Rollout is another aspect of the work that we tailor to the needs of the client and the project. Even a narrow solution can have a ripple effect of change, so we help clients understand their options for rolling out the solution in stages (e.g., by capability, audience, geography) or not, and we help them assess the risks, benefits and costs of their options. We also know that deployments are about much more than technology. They are also about behavior—and some less observable things such as discipline, commitment, readiness, knowledge, attitude, and values. Adopting a new way of working can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. What happens when people have been properly prepared for a sustainable and believable solution? When they’ve adopted it themselves, can see how it will improve their organization, and can’t wait for others to try it out? That is when evangelists emerge, ready to carry the project baton into the future for your organization.

Sustaining Relationships

As projects wind down and new ways of working take root, Abundiant looks ahead to the next step and the next phase of decisions. Sometimes a quick and graceful handover is what’s needed—we’ll do that and follow up at the client’s convenience to find out how the solution is working. Other times, our clients appreciate it if we help plan the support model, or play a role in periodic support and progress checks. In a few cases, clients ask us to be part of the ongoing support team for the new solution. At the end of the day, it’s all about maximizing the value to our clients—creating sustainable abundance, allowing them to shine. That’s Abundiant.

If Abundiant’s approach to working resonates with you, give us a ring. We would be delighted to meet you.