Case Studies

Abundiant partners with companies to understand how they can draw on the strengths of their values, history, and organizational dynamics to shape successful, long-term solutions to business challenges. As you read Abundiant’s client stories—stories of digital transformation, strategic deployment, business insights and data visualization, process optimization, managing change, and leveraging unified data across software platforms—you will see how our collective experience and focus on our clients’ outcomes have transformed how their organizations perform. You will see how Abundiant’s methods undergird our work. You will see how our clients continue to experience lasting benefits of choosing to partner with us. Read on and see the many ways Abundiant can create value in your organization.

Blending Software Capabilities to Create New, Better Solutions

What if you were spending more time manipulating data than you were using it? This company was, and they're not alone. Abundiant helped them find a creative, new solution using their existing tools.

Building Trust through Innovative Visualization of Complex Data

Overwhelmed by too much data, too little context, and a fast reporting cycle, this client sought a way to present clear insights to drive better business decisions. We helped to reveal them.
Doctor's hands holding a heart

Creating a Lifeline for a Healthcare Nonprofit

Burdened with ill-fitting, inflexible software, this client had resorted to paper in a largely digital industry. On the point of exhaustion, their team asked Abundiant to assess their options and help find a better solution.

Data-Enhanced Processes Pave the Way to Improved Profitability

Have you been asked to increase profits by cutting costs, increasing utilization of assets, or raising prices without losing customers? This client was, and they turned to Abundiant for help.

Meet Automation Needs Without Disrupting Global IT Priorities

Often, IT departments put a company's revenue-producers first, leaving overhead departments behind. We found a productive way to meet the client's needs without overwhelming its IT resources.

Synchronizing Policies, Document Control, and Software Logic

Abundiant gave this client better control, accuracy, and flexibility in managing technical information, improving their cost control, mitigating risks, and allowing them to serve customers better.

Systematically Bring Local Perspective to Critical Global Decisions

We’re often asked if unstructured information and tacit knowledge can really be harnessed to contribute to a company’s financial health. Here's a story about how we accomplished exactly that.