There is a lot of information and advice available on how to attract customers and select service providers. But how do you ensure the customers and service providers you choose are right for your business? How do you decide?     | READ MORE

During the pandemic, many people working from home became more productive. Lack of commute was part of it. So was the dramatic decrease in interruptions and distractions. As non-essential workers return to the office, productivity is on our minds. Interruptions and distractions hamper our ability to focus, but there are steps we can take to develop our capacity to engage in deep work. | READ MORE

Leading Through a Crisis: Three Keys to Success

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Big Changes Start Small

As one year ends and another begins, many people make New Year’s resolutions. Often, those resolutions involve establishing good habits or breaking bad ones. James Clear has written one of the best books on habits, describing how tiny changes can yield remarkable results. | READ MORE