Playing To Our Strengths

I have been told that parents of children with special needs often dread their child's annual progress meeting. It can involve only a paragraph or two about what the child is doing right. It then has twenty or so pages (yes, pages, not paragraphs) outlining every way in which the child is behind. Demotivating, to say the least.  | READ MORE

Do you remember when corporate law was seen as a strategic function? Operational efficiencies were not a priority, practicing law was. Corporate legal departments operated with relative autonomy. If the company avoided scandals and complied with industry regulators, Legal was fine.  | READ MORE

Accomplish More. Do Less. 

Getting more done with less. Productivity. Time management. These buzzwords reflect our constant desire to increase efficiency and cut waste. Countless self-help books exist claiming to have systems which will revolutionize our lives. In reality, the best approach often involves a hybrid approach. Here are some tips which have worked well for me (or for others close to me) at different phases of life:  | READ MORE

There is a lot of information and advice available on how to attract customers and select service providers. But how do you ensure the customers and service providers you choose are right for your business? How do you decide? When your business is helping companies transform aspects of how they operate, the importance of mutual trust is absolutely paramount. As a company founder, I have given this a lot of thought. | READ MORE

During the pandemic, many people working from home became more productive. Lack of commute was part of it. So was the dramatic decrease in interruptions and distractions. As non-essential workers return to the office, productivity is on our minds. Interruptions and distractions hamper our ability to focus, but there are steps we can take to develop our capacity to engage in deep work. | READ MORE