Information Governance

Knowledge worker using computer to sort through information

People and organizations need access to accurate and timely information to make decisions, perform simple and complex tasks, and function well with others. What happens when information is missing or out of date? At best, one loses valuable time searching for it or reworking a product. Perhaps an opportunity or some profit margin is lost. At worst, one could lose a friend or colleague to injury or death. In real life, industrial plants and operating sites have exploded, causing such losses because someone thought that paying to maintain and organize documents was trivial or not worth the expense. Hindsight can be powerful. However, without one of these burning platforms, memories can fade, and the value of governing information can fall back to a lower priority.

A Natural Fit

Most folks have plenty of work to do every day and do not wake up each morning thinking about how they will manage information and documents related to their work. But governing information does not need to be a drag. In fact, with a well-designed information management and governance program, managing information is like breathing: a natural act using tools already in place and requiring little to no thought. At Abundiant, we strive for our solutions to fit seamlessly into our clients’ work processes, enhancing efficiency and compliance.

Big or Small, All Organizations Have It

Abundiant team members have established and maintained countless information governance programs for Global 10 companies, nonprofits, governmental agencies, and small businesses. All organizations have one thing in common: they need timely and accurate information to fulfill their mission. Yet each organization has its own working culture and information needs. Providers must quickly grasp those nuances and incorporate them into the information governance solution. Abundiant’s approach, experience, and knowledge allow us to guide our clients in finding an information governance path forward, scaled and suited for their specific needs, their software platform, and their ways of working.

If you are ready to tame the chaos of your information, let us know. We will be delighted to help.