Cross-Platform Solutions

How many times have you seen new software installed in your organization? How many upgrades and patches have you seen applied? Have you ever seen a software system that covers 100% of your organization’s requirements for executing, monitoring, and reporting on all aspects of your work processes?

We haven’t either.

There always seems to some unique aspect of how work is performed that just doesn’t fit into the framework of the intended software solution. Or a year after installation, a standard changes and the software can’t meet the requirements. Perhaps the transactions flow well enough through the software, and you’ve adjusted your processes to accommodate it, but the reports only serve part of your information needs.

Sometimes the data you need is there, but the process for getting it out of your system makes it nearly impossible to interpret. As organizations increasingly rely on content platforms with unstructured information to supplement transaction platforms with structured data, the amount of “dark data” and under-utilized information in organizations continues to grow. Untapped and under-reported, this potentially valuable asset atrophies over time.

Realize Business Value with the Tools You Already Have

Cross-platform solutions are powerful catalysts of increasingly high performance. By re-imagining processes, beyond the constraints of singular systems and data sources, and then finding secure ways to unify data and transform data models, Abundiant builds bridges across the information chasms in today’s organizations. The bridges we create give our clients a competitive edge, enabling them to do more with the tools they’ve already invested in and increase the value they provide with every business cycle.

Abundiant is uniquely focused on helping our clients get the most value out of the investments they have made. We unlock previously unknown or unavailable capabilities, linking and unifying data across platforms, enhancing automation, and providing valuable business insights. Our methods are rooted in decades of experience, not only across platforms, but—more importantly—in the science of data and information. We prioritize our work based on our client’s needs and aspirations, and we root everything we do in the ongoing value it creates for our clients.

Technology Solutions Abound

Cross-platform solutions enable our clients to extract previously unimagined benefits from their software investments and achieve process excellence, unlocking the power of unified data along the way. If you are ready to get more from your software investments and explore ways to increase your team’s contributions, drop Abundiant a line today.