Change Management

Think about a time you learned that something about your organization or your responsibilities was changing. How did it go? Did you learn about it beforehand? How far ahead of time? Did you learn enough? Were you given the chance to shape the future, or to ask questions to understand why? Were you trained or coached along the way, until the new way of working became the “new normal”?

Our experience at Abundiant has taught us that in situations of change, adults engage more productively when they have the time, information, and tools they need to become aware of the change, find good reasons to care about the change, build the knowledge and abilities they need to succeed, and embrace opportunities to reinforce their new learning. 

Optimal Outcomes Require Managing Change

One way to describe this process is with a “change curve”, as a person’s awareness of a change eventually grows into optimism (sometimes intersecting with frustration along the way) and, with the addition of new knowledge, eventually leads to engagement with, and acceptance of, a new normal.

Here is something we rarely see: Successful. Unmanaged. Change.

Said differently: unmanaged change does not produce desired outcomes. Furthermore, unmanaged change can actually undermine an entire company’s culture. When change is managed thoughtfully—when a starting point for the change is empathy for those impacted—then successes are achievable and can lead to increased productivity, new ways of engaging, and improved morale.

Change Management Insights Abound

The Abundiant team brings decades of deep expertise and valuable experience to our clients so that changes—big or small—are quickly accepted, adopted, and embraced. We can bring our own change management methods or work with ones previously adopted by the client organization. If desired, we can shape a client’s unique approach to managing major change. Our focus is on bringing target groups through the change curve as quickly as possible, while engaging the organization in the most productive activities with the most positive outcomes possible.

Change Management enables an organization to achieve optimal high performance, uninterrupted and unobstructed by real or imagined blockers. Abundiant’s methods, mindset, and experience guides clients through the experience so the organization is transformed. Give Abundiant a call today.