Stacy S. Burgess

Chief Operating Officer

For several decades, Stacy Burgess’s career focus has been working closely with organizations to find big and small ways to create lasting, quantifiable value. Long before coming to Abundiant, Stacy saw the power of small changes to create what we call “sustainable abundance.” Engaging with clients motivates Stacy to simplify their work and solve their complex challenges.

Stacy has more than 30 years of experience solving information and business process challenges with technology. She began her career in Accenture’s Strategic Services division, grounding herself in the disciplines of strategy, program management, software development, information and data management, change management, and business-critical deployment. Stacy took her talents to the transportation and hospitality industries where, for more than 20 years, she was dedicated to building technology-enabled processes and solutions in a highly regulated environment. In that setting, Stacy built her company’s methods and standards for the software development lifecycle, program management, data visualization, and more. While playing a strategic role, Stacy always took care to manage at least one project herself, keeping her technical skills on point and efficient.

As a strategic lead, Stacy has hired consultants as often as she has delivered consulting services, and she has a clear memory of what she appreciated as a client in terms of structure, results, communication, and value. Working with various consultants, Stacy led the creation of many mission-critical business solutions, including intelligent data and operations optimization; applications for consumers, commercial agents, and company end-users; human resources systems for transactions, content capture and management, and workflow; complex optimization systems for revenue and logistics, records and document management, ticketing management; and more.

Stacy graduated from Rice University with degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Managerial Studies. She has served as the National Airline Chair for the Open Travel Alliance (OTA), and she is currently a member of the Association of Intelligent Information Management (AIIM). Stacy is a gifted photographer and a prolific reader. She met her husband at Rice University, and together they have two children.

Stacy’s career has provided her with rich industry experience and a drive to think creatively on behalf of her clients. At Abundiant, she works to ensure that we deliver on our client promises and continue to develop our team—bringing deep expertise, high integrity, and rich discipline to create sustainable value for our clients. Give her a ring today.